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Rule 4

Label fields that _intersect_ the labelling target, making sure to finish the entire boundary.

The labelling target is the white box in the center of your view. We want to completely label fields that either lie entirely within this box, or just partly fall within this box. We often find a mix of both types. The example below (from Rule 2) shows this:

Note that there is only one field we labelled that lies entirely within the target box. The rest overlap the box. For several fields, most of the field areas falls outside the box. **We still need to label fields even if only a small part of it falls inside the box.**

This last point is important, because the area of fields contains important information on the type of agriculture being practised in a particular area. Is it commercial? Is it small-scale? We are interested in these questions, and if we don’t label the full boundaries that we can see, then we lose that information.

Last thing to remember–sometimes the boundaries, particularly in commercial farming areas, can extend well beyond the target area. The image below (captured over South African cropland) is an example:

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